Thursday, July 4, 2019

What is America?

A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-faceted place among the world.
It should be the prime example of humanity - all walks of life and all humans living together.

American is Kansas the band and Kansas the state.
America is Beaonce' and it's The Doors.
America is Langston Hughes, Edgar Allen Poe, and Sherman Alexi.
America is DC and Marvel Comics.
America is Page, AZ, Fargo, ND, and Miami, FL.
America is Star Wars and Star Trek.
America is struggling artist and fortunate sons.
America is CIS and LBGTQ.
America is religious, agnostic, and atheist.
America is HARD CORE politics and apolitical.
America is making fun of Nickelback and also liking Nickelback.
America is people, and people are people, no matter what people they live to be.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Generation Pt. 3

We are the first generation to make less money than our parents.
We have the degree, but lack of experience forces us to work
Menial jobs at Starbucks and Sears, which allows us to
Only slowly pay off our student loan debt and car payments. No handouts from our parents.
Our motivation is slowly eradicated as to help out Big Brother
Keep up in check, keep us dependent on him.
Keep us living at home and perpetuate our childhood well into our thirties.

We are the first generation to be enthralled by the mindlessness of
Twitter, the Kardashians, and Marvel movies (that keep improving from the predecessor).
We rush ourselves to rumor weeds and gossip,
Maybe to alleviate the pain of our meaningless existence.
Or perhaps due to boredom to kill an afternoon.
Not acknowledging or accepting something in our real life is what we’ve learned from Hollywood and Netflix.
We strive to be Abed instead of what our grandparents’ religions taught us.

We are the first generation to grow up on Totino’s pizzas and PopTarts,
Even ignoring our personal health at times.
Sitting in our sedentary lifestyle playing WoW with a bag of Lays Sour Cream & Onion.
Skipping the gym to sleep in and ignoring our growing gut.

We are the first generation to realize our kind has been damaging the planet with
Temporariness and wastefulness of plastic bags and wasting enough food to feed a small impoverished nation,
And we’re beginning to see the error in our ways.
Don’t forget, we are creatures of progress and evolution,
And thanks to caffeinated beverages, we can grow faster so to make the difference.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lagging Jealousy

Sick of myself addict.
The Ex returned to home page,
Jet lag fueled rage.

Fear of more debt?
No more justification?
Old memory returned.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Post Battle Analysis

The ghost of the e-girls still haunt my habits.
"I'm feeling fine for the time" runs through my head robotically,
Claiming those claims we are all supposed to say.

The financial planner, in the back of the mind,
Gives an oral presentation with handouts and graphs showing
The quarterly plan from the impulse influence.

Hoping the meeting would bring on physical pain
To force me to be fully aware of how my consequences conspired against me,
And killed the original banker's plan for frugality.

Perhaps being thrown back into the cubical can
Squash the semi-detrimental desire I can't keep justifying.
Maybe it's fine, maybe it's not.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Addiction to Distraction Disorder

Loose focus on the importance.
Don't be patience,
Just change the channels quickly--there's nothing good on anyway.

Pace yourself back and forth, to-and-fro around the room
To keep your heart rate up.
Play and replay massive amounts of action-packed video games
To give yourself an impulsive character about you.

Battery levels are low,
The coffee's effect is waning.
Recharge or just let the power run out completely to a dark, blank screen?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Returners & Stayers

When they go back to the place they came from,
Why do those here still miss and morn them?
They are at peace and in no pain.
The pain and emotions stay with us still here,
As if passed down like an heirloom.

Transform and transfer those feelings back into memories
Of the passed on people.
Continue to live on for them, or as them,
And possibly with them, listening to their
Messages of love and wisdom in whichever
Means of communication form they like to use.

Keep your ears open for listening to all,
Keep the feet walking,
Keep the mind wondering.

You are loved by the ones who created and molded you into the person you are today.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Poetry in Thoughts

The hawk flies away and will be fine; finally left alone and safe.
Yet, why are the helping agents the ones in trouble? Can the eyes
Of the law not see their will, their actions?
Do the ends truly justify the means?

Calm and peace, with a side order of salad to go. Sipping
Tea softly and saying the words you were told to memorize as a child
One at a time, as if a spoken word version of a famous rap song.
There are commas everywhere.


Scene change to a desert,
Another hipster place for half-ass meditation.
Snowfall and anticipation don't mix as well as you'd think.
It would be a terrible drink,
But good for short-term memory loss.

And there I was,
Citing 3 advantages about firewalls.

I am a half-punk doofus.


The longer time moves on, the further
Away the past is on my mind. Always forgetting
Or never remembering with the purpose to avoid the tears.

I never want to listen to the advice of those promoting
Discipline and Structure.
I'd call them overrated, as a joke.
But even jokes come from a significant amount of truth.
Pious or hedonistic take your pick because the world says living in the middle can't be a choice.
But I've never been one who listens to the voice of reason or popular demand.

Will I always be torn between the light and the dark? -paraphrase of K.R.

You have to travel to the past occasionally to remember where you've been.
As painful as that is for me, it keeps me balanced when I run too far to one side or the other of the